Three4TheRoad 2018 – Seaside Oregon



If not now, then when?

Last spring we started talking about what it would be like to make a major life change and spend a year traveling the United States in an RV. Could we do it? Would our family and friends think the idea was crazy? Was it something we could manage? After all, it would mean learning to balance work and school while traveling from city to city. Our days would need to be carefully scheduled so we could see the country, work on the road, and provide a quality education for our daughter. We discussed the idea at great length and finally came to a conclusion: If not now, then when?

We are fortunate to be able to work from any location with WiFi. Our daughter can spend the year attending online high school classes. There really was nothing holding us back other than the fact that we would miss our loved ones. However, a year is a very short time in the span of a lifetime and with the encouragement of family and friends we decided to take the leap! We sold our home and most of its contents, purchased a fifth wheel, and prepared for the adventure that awaited us. After months of planning and research, the story of Three4TheRoad begins.

Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly…

-Van Morrison

The first stop on our trip across the United States was Seaside Oregon, a beautiful, little coastal town in Clatsop County Oregon. We arrived in late September and to our delight were greeted by sunny and warm fall weather that felt more like summer. Our sixteen year old daughter Ava hadn’t been to the seashore since she was a baby and the golden sand beaches didn’t disappoint! Ava ran to the edge of the water and took it all in with child-like wonder! There is something truly magical about ocean beaches with the gentle sea breeze and magnificent and powerful waves crashing on the shore. I will never tire of visiting the seashore and hope to see many, many beaches as we travel down the west coast and beyond.


During our visit to Seaside, we stayed at the Thousand Trails Seaside RV Resort. The staff was helpful and friendly, the resort was well kept and included many amenities that we enjoyed during our stay.  Our Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Banjo appreciated the fenced dog run where he could exercise and play with other furry friends. We will definitely return to the Seaside RV Resort in the future. Its proximity to town and the beach make it an easy walk or quick drive to anywhere you’d like to go!


While in Seaside, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Our daughters had called ahead and arranged to treat us to dinner at Maggie’s On the Prom.  There we enjoyed a delicious meal and outstanding service. The restaurant overlooks the beach and prom and serves delicious seafood dishes; with over 80% of their selections either gluten free or gluten free optional. Moderately priced, highly recommend!


I never met a meal I didn’t like

-Miss Piggy

When not cooking our own meals in the RV, we enjoyed several local restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops that we will share below:

The Grizzly Tuna – 850 N Roosevelt Dr, Seaside, OR. Drive thru Tuna & Chips. DELCIOUS! Probably the best fish and chips we’ve tried – like EVER! Light, tasty batter, not greasy, good value, friendly service

Beach Burrito – 507 S Roosevelt Dr, Seaside, OR. HUGE burritos, fresh and tasty. Moderately priced, exceptionally friendly service; even remembered us when we returned later in the week.

Bagels by the Sea – 210 S Holladay Dr, Seaside, OR. Large variety of fresh bagels, bagel breakfast sandwiches, and lunch choices. Good service, closes early so go for lunch or breakfast.

Angelina’s Pizzeria & Cafe – 1815 S Roosevelt, Seaside, OR. Best choice for thick pizza with the works! Nice atmosphere for dine in. Offers take out or delivery as well. Moderately priced, good service.

Pizza Harbor – 39 N Edgewood Street, Seaside, OR. Family dining two blocks from the beach. Best choice for thin crust, wood fired pizza. Delicious and a great value.

Beach Day Coffee – 7 Broadway Street, Seaside, OR. We visited here several times and were never disappointed. Just a few steps from the start of the prom and stunning ocean views. Serving locally roasted coffee from Columbia River Coffee Roasters, and delicious freshly baked pastries. Always friendly. Closes early weekdays & off season.

Adventure is out there

-Ellie, “Up”


One of the great things about Seaside Oregon is its close proximity to so many other great places. During our two week stay in Seaside we were able to visit several places just a short drive down the road. There is no shortage of beaches and we intend to see as many as possible. Even when the weather turned misty and rainy, we had a great time exploring the surrounding areas near Seaside.


Cannon Beach is known for Haystack Rock, a dedicated, protected marine garden that rises 235 feet out of the sand and the sea at the low tide line. The afternoon we spent there was overcast and windy, but even so, it’s an impressive site to behold.


Ecola State Park is part of the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Park and is a must see! The winding and somewhat precarious one and one half mile road up the cliff to the pay station is worth it for the stunning views of Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock, and the Tillamook Lighthouse that await you when you reach your destination.


Follow the road to Indian Beach within Ecola State Park and walk down the steps to yet another gorgeous beach with beautiful views in every direction. Close your eyes and visualize the actors from the movies The Goonies, Twilight, and Point Break that all had scenes filmed right there on Indian Beach. Watch surfers paddling out to catch a wave, or sign up for a lesson at one of the local surf shops and hang ten yourself!


Surf’s Up! Check out these Seaside surf shops for supplies, tees, clothing, souvenirs, and rental equipment. Want to take a lesson? The staff at Cleanline Surf and Seaside Surf Shop can hook you up with a private lesson or class.

Next blog; Week Two – Seaside Oregon, coming soon!

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