Three4TheRoad 2018 – Paicines California


We arrived at the Thousand Trails San Benito RV Resort in Paicines, California on October 21st. The park is a large resort nestled in rolling hills about 15 miles south of Hollister.


We were told that the park is frequented by many forms of wildlife, including deer, prairie dogs, ground squirrels, chipmunks, birds of several varieties, and even wild pigs!


Each evening we were treated to does, fawns, and bucks wandering through the campsites, unconcerned about us or the other campers.


The squirrels and birds loved to tease Banjo as he played in the fenced doggie park!


He jumped and barked at the little critters, but they were always just out of his grasp.

IMG_E3917The RV resort had many amenities but one of our favorite places to go each day was the pool.


Traveling in late October meant few other campers and rarely anyone else at the pool!


The weather was beautiful; in the high 70’s or warmer each day.


On our first full day in San Benito County we drove into Hollister. There we found a cute, little restaurant called the Cozy Cup Café. 



The atmosphere had a comfortable, small-town feel and the wait staff was friendly and accommodating.


The food was delicious and the portion sizes we quite large. You definitely don’t leave hungry!



For lunch the following day we visited Flap Jacks Country Café in Tres Pinos. We sat outside in the warm California sunshine and ate a delicious meal with huge portion sizes. Ava and I each had the Pesto Chicken sandwich and Mark opted for a breakfast dish with the Tres Pinos Scramble.


One thing we enjoy while we’re traveling is making the RV feel like home. We cook in the rig often and like decorating for the changing seasons.


There is nothing cozier than a warm fire and a good movie after a day of hiking, biking, and swimming.


We wouldn’t leave home without our digital photo frame and its ever-changing photo slide show so we can see snapshots of our family and feel connected while we’re away.

We also enjoy baking in the RV while on the road. We cook and bake in smaller quantities and have tried several new recipes!


Although it’s a lot of fun traveling full time, we still have to work. Each day Ava logs into her online classes and focuses on school work for a few hours. Sometimes the WiFi in RV parks is not the greatest and we take a coffee work day at Starbucks or a local coffee shop so Mark can work and Ava can study.


Ava also finds time in the evenings to practice her music on the road. We’re hoping to find some places for her to play some live music while we travel.


Mark is an avid CrossFit enthusiast and likes to find the local CrossFit gyms while we travel. This week he trained at CrossFit San Benito and was impressed with the welcoming atmosphere and personal guidance throughout the workouts. All the coaches were well trained and professional and Mark will definitely return when we’re in the area again!


One of our day trips this week included a drive out to Santa Cruz to tour the historic Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk.


We arrived early on a Saturday so it wasn’t very busy. It was almost the end of October but the weather was gorgeous! It may have felt a little cool to natives of the area, but to us Washingtonians it felt glorious!


The sand was warm on our feet and behind us we could hear the joyful screams of children on the Giant Dipper roller coaster!


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is located on a mile-long beach bordering Monterey Bay and is the only major seaside amusement park on the Pacific Coast.


The nearly century-old park is a historic landmark and California’s oldest amusement park.


The surf is incredible and strong and while we were in Santa Cruz we saw a playful seal taking advantage of the waves.


The boardwalk was filled with arcade games and Mark tried his luck shooting tennis balls at the target practice booth.



The boardwalk offered games and attractions from an era gone by, including this mechanical feature “Laughing Sal”, who got her start at San Francisco’s Playland-At-The-Beach. She sways and laughs maniacally, scaring children and adults alike!


Ava posed with this guy at Neptune’s Kingdom. He wasn’t very talkative.


As the morning turned to afternoon and the boardwalk got busier, we wrapped up our visit by taking the obligatory tourist head-in-hole photos!



Our time in San Benito County included some beautiful scenery,


gorgeous beaches,


delicious food,


poolside relaxation,


and lots of fun on the boardwalk!


We definitely plan to return!

Next week; Wine Country and Ventura County!

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