Three4TheRoad 2018 – Lake Havasu & Oatman, Arizona

“What makes the desert beautiful.’ said the little prince, ‘is that somewhere it hides a well…”

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince


We arrived in Lake Havasu City Arizona in mid November. It’s still hard for this Pacific Northwestern trio to get accustomed to such warm, sunny weather so late in the fall! We planned to spend time with family for the Thanksgiving holiday and arrived early to see some of the sites in and around Lake Havasu.


We were treated to weather in the mid seventies while in Arizona.

IMG_4576One of our day trips included a drive to historic Oatman with the hopes of catching the daily “gun fight” show in the center of town. Oatman is a village that began as a mining town in the Black Mountains of Mohave County, Arizona.

IMG_4572The road to Oatman takes you down a stretch of the iconic Route 66 so of course we had to stop and take advantage of some photo ops!


The holiday season is a big part of our family so we were happy to see desert Christmas trees scattered along the side of the road leading into Oatman!


Since we were visiting on a weekday, the town wasn’t nearly as busy as it would be on a weekend and we were able to easily navigate the small streets and shops, taking lots of photos along the way.


Oatman’s wild burros are descendants of burros brought there by miners in the late 1800’s. They were turned loose when the miners no longer needed them. It is said that they keep “banker’s hours’; coming into town each morning, greeting tourists and looking for food and returning to the hills in the late afternoon. For one dollar you can purchase a bag of burro food and feed the adult burros. Be careful! If they see you with food, they will follow you everywhere – sometimes even into the shops!

IMG_4671IMG_4664Most will allow you to pet them, but if you don’t have food they move on pretty quickly!


There are lots of cute shops and backdrops for great photos in Oatman.


IMG_4593IMG_4592We even came across Elvis (much to Ava’s delight) while we were wandering the streets of Oatman!


The Oatman Hotel is where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon and is rumored to be haunted!


Our day in Oatman was so fun we decided to return later in the week when some of our family arrived in Arizona.


It was fun to see the town of Oatman through the eyes of our grandchildren!


They were so excited to see the dozens of burros wandering freely through the streets and laughed at the stubborn one who wouldn’t even move for a passing motorist!


All the girls HAD to have their photo taken in front of “The Classy Ass”!


The highlight of the day for the kids was watching a “real” bank robbery and gun fight in the middle of the street! Donations collected after the wild west show go to local children’s charities.


If you’re in the area, take a day to visit Oatman, Arizona! The town is full of character and friendly folks! On our way out of town we saw a lone burro who seemed like he would be more than happy to come home with us!


Back in Lake Havasu, we visited Mudshark Pizza and Pasta. They have an incredible Happy Hour menu and we were able to sample lots of delicious dishes for half price!
mudsharkThis time of year they offer a delicious Pumpkin Spice Ale served in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass. It was fun to visit with family and share a tasty meal! Thanks Dad and Mom for the hospitality!IMG_4500At sixteen Ava thought it was pretty cool that no one questioned her for being in a bar! You don’t see that in Washington!


Back at the house I enjoyed painting some holiday rocks which dried very quickly in the warm, Arizona sunshine!


I tried my hand at some Southwest Kokapelli designs on some rock core samples taken from local mines.


We enjoyed a wonderful family Thanksgiving in Lake Havasu City. Spending the holiday poolside was something we’d never experienced before!

We created special family memories this Thanksgiving and ate a LOT of delicious food!

We even took up Pickleball in the middle of November! Who knew?

We were fortunate to be in Lake Havasu City during their annual London Bridge Christmas Lighting Ceremony. The afternoon starts out with a swimming race across the lake, followed by the lighting of London Bridge and surrounding businesses. It was a beautiful, family evening.

We topped off the evening with a stop at Scoops, the local ice cream and crepe eatery!


They serve up tasty scoops of chilly treats in dozens of delicious flavors and toppings, sure to please the kid in everyone!


Though we spent two full weeks in Lake Havasu City, our time there flew by and we look forward to returning soon for more family time and fun in the sun!


We bid a fond farewell to beautiful Lake Havasu Arizona with the promise that we’ll be back sooner than later!


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